November 3, 2009

Olympus ME-15 Microphone Drops to $22.45

Olympus ME-15 Microphone Drops to $22.45The Olympus ME-15 Microphone is a small, lightweight tie-clip microphone that can be conveniently clipped to the tie or collar. The microphone can also be fixed under a jacket or shirt for easy concealment. The ME-15 is an ideal accessory for Olympus digital voice recorders. The mic's cord is 3.3-feet long and the entire unit weighs only 11 grams. A tie pin-type clip is also included with the microphone. Note: When using the ME-15 with Olympus Pearlcorder microcassette recorders, you will need the Olympus PA-1 plug adapter (sold separately).

Interesting? You can get your hand on this one for $22.45 at Amazon.

You may want to hear what people who have used this microphone said about this ME-15:

I purchased this mircrophone with the Olympus WS-331 Digital Voice Recorder. The WS-331 is a great recorder, and the use of the external microphone makes it even better. I can simply clip the microphone to my lapel and it picks up my voice easily. The quality of recording is improved simply because I am not trying to hold the recorder steady in front of my while I dictate.

One of the best things about this microphone is that the connecting wire allows me to leave the recorder on my belt while keeping the microphone on my lapel. I've used this to record lectures for my students, and the quality of the recording is very good.


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