September 19, 2011

Apple: Some Limitations for the Thunderbolt Display

While the first Apple Thunderbolt Display screens are beginning to be delivered, the Californian company has posted a new page on this screen is compatible with computers with a connector Thunderbolt. This page confirms one thing: the MacBook Air 2011 supports only one screen Thunderbolt while all the other Mac, iMac 2011, 2011 Mac mini and MacBook Pro 2011 can support two monitors mounted to the chain.
One point that had already put forward to end of July following the removal of the MacBook Air. For lack of space, the ultraportable Apple uses a chip Thunderbolt Eagle Ridge that handles only two channels and a channel Thunderbolt DisplayPort as standard chip Thunderbolt (Light Ridge) embedded on other machines has four channels and two channels Thunderbolt DisplayPort which allows dual display.

Apple's technical note also learned that the 13-inch MacBook Pro supports two displays well, but the monitor built into the MacBook Pro is muted. The Mac mini with 2011 graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6630M supported for its two screens and even a third Thunderbolt via HDMI. Despite the presence of two ports Thunderbolt, the 27-inch iMac only supports two monitors Thunderbolt while one would think he could go up to four additional monitors. The main screen is active which allows all the same display on three screens.

Finally, to get the best performance with external storage devices, Apple recommends plugging the monitor directly on the Thunderbolt Thunderbolt port of the computer and then connect the external hard drives Thunderbolt on the monitor. In addition, it is impossible to connect a LED Cinema Display 24-inch or 27 on the connector of the new Apple Thunderbolt.

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