October 25, 2009

Video: Canon Intros DSLR 'EOS-1D Mark IV for High Speed Capture

Canon Intros DSLR 'EOS-1D Mark IV for High Speed Capture
Canon Consumer Imaging Korea has announced the EOS Start -1D Mark IV at a press conference with a high-speed camera professional digital SLR market for Korea, which aims to empower photographers to capture split second moments in high analysis in challenging conditions.

The Canon EOS-1D Mark IV is ideal for taking action, sports, news and events of nature photography. It can capture speed, power and high-resolution images to create the perfect device for photographers who demand reliability in fast conditions that require high pressure.

Developed taking into account feedback from professional photographers, the EOS-1D Mark IV new Canon 16.1MP APS-H CMOS sensor and a new 45-point autofocus (AF) with 39 mm f/2.8 disadvantages-type sensors hotspots that have a large choice of priorities in specific. DIGIC Dual »4 processors offer the possibility of continuing high image resolution pictures with up to 10 images per second per second shooting (), and providing a wide range of ISO, in accordance with a provision of Canon.

The EOS-1D Mark IV will be available in December for the Korean market. No word on pricing.


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