September 25, 2009

Apple iPhone 3G Ipod Touch Stylus Pen Is Stylist

Apple iPhone 3G Ipod Touch Stylus Pen Is StylistExcellent accessory for your iPhone 3G or Ipod Touch. Lightweight stylus allows for smooth damage-free navigation across touchscreen! Same technology as other sytlus that retail for $20! Rubber angled tip provides enough contact with screen to allow proper electrocurrent flow to replicate the use of your finger on the touchscreen. Best for typing and selecting rather than "dragging". To use properly, place entire flat edge of angled side, not just the tip of the angle, on the trouchscreen. Item wll not function proplerly if entire angled edge is not making full contact with the screen. Item comes with "pen clip" so that you do not lose it. Great accessory for your Iphone 3G or Ipod touch.

It is now available at Amazon for $2.72 .

Apple iPhone 3G Ipod Touch Stylus Pen Is Stylist
Hear something from previous user, Anthony K. Larson:

I definitely saw the need for a stylus for my iPhone because my fingers sometimes hit the wrong letters and it takes more time to edit the text than it used to with the Sidekick. The stylus takes some time to get used to your screen (or vice-versa), but once it does, it is pretty sensitive and you can type your letters much more precisely. It does help if you hold your iPhone's bottom to your chest when your writing, though, so that it is more stable. If you try to write while your walking with the stylus, it may be no different from writing with your fingers. I'd recommend this to others.

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