February 5, 2011


Just one button starts the scan, which takes an average of two seconds or less! FILM 2 SD PRO has a built-in SD card slot, so you can scan directly to most SD, SDHC, and micro SD cards without needing a computer. FILM 2 SD PRO comes with an SD card to get you started. If you have a computer, you can also connect FILM 2 SD using the included USB cable. When connected to your Mac or PC, FILM 2 SD PRO becomes a handy SD card reader, so you can drag and drop your pictures from the card onto your hard drive.
  • Transfer 35mm negatives and slides to an SD card
  • Ultra-high resolution 9 megapixel film scanner for up to 2,400 DPI images
  • Preview your image on the large 2.4” TFT LCD display
  • No computer required for operation; works with Mac and PC for optional transfer to computer
  • Easy, fast, one-touch scanning takes one to two seconds
  • Easy adjustments for color, brightness, rotate, mirror, and flip; auto exposure and color balance
  • Automatic slide show with on-screen editing
  • Works with virtually all SD, SDHC cards.
    Includes 2GB SD card
  • Runs on wall power or USB power from
  • Connects to your TV for sharing your pictures
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