February 28, 2010

Making Your Computer Faster

Time is money and sometime your PC your favorite applications so slow to start. We experienced the normal things we do when this happens, and you're done reconstruction, detection of viruses, installing applications, and all other things.

You may check out the following three steps to make your computer runs faster:
  1. Go to Start, then Control Panel and select add/remove programs. Try to find as many applications as to remove it so you may somehow increase the PC speed.
  2. Delete any files or pictures that you don’t need.
  3. Empty your recycle bin.
This could be a good idea to consider using your computer, and compare how much memory is installed in reality. Do not install too many programs or any programs that require too much memory.

Its not going to fail or crash most of the time, because when you run out of installed ram Windows will start using your hard drives for "ram operations" and that's is what you really don't want. There are ways of limiting ram usage some are obvious some aren't. you can try uninstalling and removing add ons and tasks running on your task bar. Disable or shut down applications that aren't being used. Especially keep an eye on Microsoft live messenger, this program is a notorious RAM thief even just sitting on your desktop doing nothing.

One last thing and the most simple one is the background images is a huge need lots of RAM but you should know that the more icons and pictures you have one the desktop, the worst it is. In the folder storing pictures and videos and music could be more convenient not really recommended.

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