February 11, 2010

Press Release: Synchronica Introduces Its Low-Cost 'MessagePhone' for Emerging Markets

Synchronica plc, the international provider of next generation mobile messaging services, and Korean Device Manufacturer KC Mobile today introduced MessagePhone, a new low-cost messaging device www.message-phone.com. The result of eight months of extensive collaboration, the new MessagePhone provides an integrated device and service solution that delivers Smartphone-like functionality and messaging services at lower TCO than competing solutions.

MessagePhone enables operators in emerging markets to bring mobile data services to the mass market and to combat churn. MessagePhone, which is available in two models, is distributed by Brightstar, a multi-billion dollar global innovator in demand generation distribution and integrated supply chain solutions in the converging wireless and IT industries.

Available immediately, the new MessagePhones offer advanced features such as Push Email and Synchronization services, mobile Instant Messaging, a full HTML web browser and access to social networking sites. The Java-enabled MessagePhone handsets feature a full QWERTY keyboard, large color LCD screen, MP3 and MPEG4 player, camera, SD memory expansion, a robust Personal Information Manager, optional Bluetooth connectivity, USB connector and a built-in FM radio. MessagePhone is sold as a turnkey, integrated solution with an all-inclusive price as low as US $99.00.

MessagePhone comes bundled with a complete suite of infrastructure services providing a comprehensive and affordable mobile messaging and Internet experience for users across Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and South-East Asia. Powered by Synchronica Mobile Gateway, the devices provide Push Email and synchronization as well as Instant Messaging and access to social networking sites, complemented by a full HTML browser licensed from award-winning mobile browser vendor, Bolt. MessagePhone has been designed to become the primary Internet device for users who don't have frequent access to a PC, offering special features such as a built-in mobile signup wizard: users simply type in their email address and password and instantly start receiving email.

The underlying Mobile Gateway messaging services are designed to easily integrate with the operator network. Mobile Gateway connects the MessagePhone to enterprise and consumer mail servers, social networking sites, IM communities and RSS web feeds. Unlike messaging solutions of leading Smartphone vendors, the Mobile Gateway platform uses open industry-standards and supports virtually any device from any manufacturer, enabling carriers to extend the service to other devices and across their entire subscriber base.

As a white-label solution, both the handsets and the mobile messaging platform can be branded and customized to operator requirements, providing a clear differentiation from competitors' offerings. The bundled services empower the operator to own the relationship with the end user and create 'stickiness' - imperative in the battle by operators to avoid being relegated to bit pipes.

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