December 18, 2009

Pipe Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone

Pipe Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone
Are you reluctant to spend your money with additional speaker for your iPhone or iPod? This Pipe Speaker Dock receives quite a big impression from its user. Daniel Nebab is another user of this dock share that

… These are GREAT speakers for those wanting to replace that boombox/radio sitting on their desk at home or work, and for those who want to share their music while on the go- at a picnic, or just hanging out at a party on the beach! These speakers do pack quite a surprising punch despite thier decievingly small size. The $69.99 price tag Target and some other retailers give these DOES seem a bit high, but the lower prices seen on eBay and Amazon do make a BIT more sense though sometimes a bit too low. $45-$55 seems a bit more appropriate.
If that is enough to make sure about this, C. Williams also said:
...Overall - This is an excellent choice for anyone that likes nice sound, but isn't looking for a portable home theater center. At $29.95, I could not pass on this one. I purchased two pipes even though it has a limited lifetime warranty. All I can say is thanks Skullcandy!

It is available at Amazon for $48.83.

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