December 23, 2009

Four Useful iPod Accessories That You Don't Want to Miss

We can’t deny the power of iPod in entertaining function but not many people can use their iPod fully. You may find that you are using your iPod with all it has and that is not really. You can find more accessories that can turn you iPod into the most powerful media player. You will see FOUR cheap accessories that you bring you the best of your iPod.

Mini Portable Stereo
Of course the headset is enough to entertain you but how about other friends around you. I guess you must want to share your favorite songs with them especially when you are in a small party. This Mini Portable Stereo can provide you a louder sound. The best part of this speaker is its portability. With the weight of 13g, you can feel free to carry it anywhere you are. It is available at Budget Gadgets for $8.87 if you buy only one (free shipping is also marked there).

USB Data Transfer Charger Adapter
Do you really care about the wire connector? This is a very small adapter that you can find for you iPod. It is quite useful that you can not only transfer your data but also charge at the same time. If you are interested, you may get your hand on it at Budget Gadgets for $1.08 for one piece.

AV TV Audio Video Cable
It is a very interesting family device that you can enjoy your recorded video and image on TV. This AV TV Audio Video Cable spots Gold plated which can boost the connection speed to ensure a better result. Of course while connecting your iPod with this cable, it also charges. Note that this cable is also compatible with iPhone 2.0 Version. The suggested price is $8.64 for one piece at Budget Gadgets.

New Dock Charger
Not so different for other iPod dock. This dock charger has a very cheap price that you hardly can find in other place. You can buy it as cheap as $9.10 at Budget Gadgets and it is compatible with iPod/Video/Classic/iPhone 3G/iPhone 3Gs. Not bad, right?

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