November 8, 2009

Garmin Portable Friction Mount Is Available for $23.84

This portable friction mount requires no installation. Please note: This accessory is a replacement and does not include the entire automotive dash mount. The customer must use the mounting bracket that comes with the GPS unit to attach the portable friction mount. The Garmin Portable Friction Dashboard Mount can be used with Garmin nĂ¼vis or the StreetPilot I series.

You may spend $23.84 for this mount at Amazon.

You may want to hear something from this GPS mount users and Dylan Ginsburg shared,

This mount works great. The selection of Garmin mounts is confusing as some are two parts and some are one. If you have a Nuvi with the included windshield mount, then this is the only part you need to buy. The included mount disassembles at the ball and socket joint and attaches to this one. I can't say it will never come off the dash if I do some really high speed maneuver, but so far it's held steady for all regular driving.

I like that it's easy to move the mount and gps unit down to the floor when I park. Yeah a thief could still see it if they came right up to my car but at least it's not obvious from halfway across the parking lot like a windshield mount is. A thief that sees an empty windshield mount is probably going to assume (correctly) that I've just put the unit in the glove compartment.


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