September 30, 2009

Video: Video DoubleTwist Is Wrong Apple With Its Own Advertising

Practically using the same video with which Apple has surprised the world in 1984, it appears DoubleTwist in 2009. The company's irreverent dvdjon have planned the launch of the final version of its software for this October 6. We really hope that doubleTwist it is as interesting as they say, by providing synchronization for all types of devices. We have unfortunately not been able to verify because the beta version does has never functioned correctly, showing us all types of errors. In any case, we hope that such alternatives do companies like Apple that it shows more inclined to open their platforms and they do not claim to control the total user experience. Do not miss the video after the jump doubleTwist, and a little below the video of the 1984 Apple that we can find it hard to miss.


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