July 21, 2009

Mini Spy Digital Video Camera with Encryption Feature

Mini Spy Digital Video Camera with Encryption FeatureThis pocket mini spy digital video camera brings together these qualities into a tiny form factor and delivers it at a great price. It will give you over 2 hours of continuous recording afterwhich simply connect it to your PC, laptop, notebook, or netbook USB port to recharge. It records video and audio and even comes with a free 2 GB microSD card!

Pick it up, it feels solid, well-made from durable high density plastic. At first glance, you might mistake this device for a cigarette lighter. It's actually smaller than your average disposal lighter. On closer inspection you'll notice that it has a wide clip which allows you to attach it to your shirt or trouser pocket. It also has three buttons. One button locks and unlocks the unit. Another button toggles between taking snap shots and continuous video. The third button does everything else. One button operation. Press it to turn the unit on. Press it again to start recording or take a photo. Press it again to stop recording. Press it again to turn it off. That's pretty well it.

Simple + Useful + Powerful - and that's not all! For what's the purpose of secretly recording video and audio if anyone can come along to view those files? The answer to that question is that this particular model has a file encryption feature. Included with the CVHE-I11 is special software which lets you view the files created with this camera, but more importantly it allows you to password encrypt the videos. If the files should fall in the wrong hands, they can only be viewed by entering the correct password. Beautiful right?


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