February 1, 2009

External 2-Way Speaker System for Apple iPod

External 2-Way Speaker System for Apple iPodIf you have iPod then you must like your music. The quality of the sound offered by iPod maybe enough for you alone but if you want to listen to your favorite in a crowded place or as a group, you may need more external speaker to boost the sound quality.

Now you can feel free to share your music with the world and jam to the tunes of your iPod with this sleek speaker system. Enjoy powerful and rich audio from this compact system that easily fits into tight spaces.

This speaker offers 2 full-range, 2-way speakers deliver full and rich audio, 3/4" C-CAM tweeter and 4" MMP2 woofer and charges iPod while docked. There are buttons to power, volume adjustment, mute, play, pause, track forward and track back. A remote is also included.

BestBuy shares this speaker with you for $199.99 only.

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