February 1, 2009

2.7" and 40GB Hard Drive Panasonic Digital Camcorder

 2.7Are you going to have a tour? Yes, you may want to capture those important events and precious memories that you will encounter. Let's think about this digital camcorder's 40GB hard drive. The camcorder is equipped with a 2.7" widescreen LCD monitor and optical image stabilization that makes it easy to ensure you record just what you want. It also has USB cable, A/V cable, AC adapter for sharing your recorded videos.

Check out here for more features:

* 42x optical/2000x digital zoom
Brings you up close to distant objects and scenes.

* 2.7" widescreen LCD with electronic viewfinder
Designed for easy and convenient use while you shoot video. On-screen display with English, Spanish and French Canadian lingual options.

* 1/6" CCD image sensor with 800K total pixels
For stunning clarity in both video and still images.

* Manual and autofocus
Let you capture pictures and footage with precision.

* Advance Optical Image Stabilization
Prevents shake and vibration distortion for smooth, steady video.

* 4:3 and 16:9 recording modes
Allow you to record video in both standard and widescreen formats.

* magicPix technology
Allows you to shoot in low lighting and dark environments.

* 2-channel Dolby Digital audio recording
For adding clear audio to your videos.

* Store video and photos
On a Secure Digital High Capacity or Secure Digital card (not included) or the 40GB hard drive.

* USB 2.0 interface
For easy image transfer. A/V output lets you watch your videos on your TV. One-button DVD copying with optional DVD burner (not included).

It is available for $314.99 at BestBuy.


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