January 30, 2009

Portable Pocket Telescope/Microscope

Portable Pocket Telescope/MicroscopeWell, now if you are a scientist, you can get out of your lab and do your work with something smaller than your bare eyes can see. This Pocket Telescope/Microscope can make your work faster and easier.

You can consider this small Telescope/Microscope just as your pen that you can keep it in your pocket. It is as powerful as many small binoculars, but unlike binoculars it can focus on objects as close as five feet — which also makes it great for poking around in museums, etc.

A great plus is that it can be used (with the included attachment) as a 30 power microscope to inspect really small things like slivers, tool edges, or spider mites on your plants.

Complete with a hard-shell case for storage. Metal tube with glass optics and a 10mm objective lens. Measures 5" overall; 7-1/2" with microscope attachment.

It is available for only $27.50 at leevalley.


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