October 20, 2008

Waterproof GPS Watch from Globalsat

Globalsat GH-625 series provide fully-sealed, waterproof and large LCD wrist-watch device, as well as GPS navigation function that locate track point from start to stop. It is adopted for people who exercise for broad kinds of outdoor sport, such as Jogging, Running, Biking, Snow skating etc. And it can be also used as GPS receiver by USB interface.


* Built-in SiRF Star III high performance GPS chipset. Excellent sensitivity for fixing the position even at a weak signal status.
* With built-in rechargeable and high capacity lithium-ion battery.
* Large LCD for easy read.
* WAAS / ENGOS support
* Waterproof and rigid design to avoid damaging with carelessness.
* Recording all history of self-training by defined day.
* GH-625 can be used as a GPS receiver by easy setup.
* The firmware of the GH-625 series can be upgraded through PC.
* Navigation: Tracking your route as crumb method; mark and save your tracking points by special algorithm; find the specified location.
* With Heart Rate Monitor Sensor (For 625M model)
* Support Google Earth file format
* Embedded high capacity flash memory to store the plenty of data.
* Calories calculation.
* Track Back: Giving you a reference route according to your activity before to get better performance of training

Application Software

* Supporting the operating system such as Windows 98/2000/XP
* Smart training database management and easy to use.
* Easy to use for upgrading the device firmware.
* Using GS-Sport Training Gym


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