January 4, 2008

HP Photosmart A444 Digital Camera and Printer Dock

Photosmart A444 Camera and Printer Dock is not only ideal for taking places and taking photos, it has a 2.4" color display. You'll love the pictures you shoot with the camera's 5 megapixels and 3x optical, 5x digital zoom. Preview and edit on the camera's bright, 2.4" display, then dock it, press a button, and turn out lab-quality, instantly dry, fade-resistant1 4 x 6" s.Here are some more features of Photosmart A444:
  • Bypass your PC: preview and edit photos using only the camera display
  • Snap high-quality shots with the 5 megapixels and 15x total zoom (3x optical, 5x digital)
  • Dock the camera for printing, battery charging (in the camera), and storage
  • Easily view photos with the dock, which tilts the camera screen to a comfortable viewing angle
  • See your images clearly on the bright, 2.4" display
  • Save time: browse and select photos while you're printing
  • Remove red eye right in the camera, or later
  • Pack it and go: this small, lightweight system is exceptionally portable

You can get it at the price of $169.99 via hp

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